How to give a great groom’s speech

If you’re the bridegroom – congratulations, this is your big day.

Now, it’s natural to be nervous when you get married, but although most of us don’t relish public speaking, the bridegroom speech is something you don’t need to fret over on the day. You’ll have spent so much time and energy leading up to the wedding that the last thing you need to do is add extra stress on the day. And the good news is that with just a little preparation you’ll be able to deliver the groom’s speech with no problem at all – after all the big words of the day were “I do”.

Although groom speeches don’t need to be long, there are several elements you should include.

Since you speak after the bride’s father you should thank him for his speech and the guests for celebrating with you; also give thanks for the gifts you have received. Then on to thank both sets of parents and it is usual to give a small gift to each of the mothers.

Unless your wife is going to give a speech, up until this stage the speech should have been on behalf of both of you. However, now it is time for you to say a few words directly to your wife. Finish up with thanks for the best man and toast the bridesmaids.

Your speech needn’t be long, you can probably get it down to around 2 minutes and if you find it is longer than 5 minutes you should certainly try and cut it down a bit. Although a bit of humor is good, the guests will be happy to hear whatever you say and will laugh at the lamest jokes anyway.

Whatever you do, don’t try and give your speech without having prepared it beforehand – that is a recipe for disaster.

Write down the ideas you have for your speech and start to think of what you will actually say. Write down the words and then say them out loud – what may sound good when written down may not be so good when you try and say it, so this step is essential.

Once you are happy with the content, reduce it back down to key points in note form – many people often write down the essentials on a card and rather than have the whole speech in front of you, use the notes to make sure you cover everything you wish to say.

After you’ve practiced a few times, you’ll have no problem in giving your speech on the day. Don’t worry about getting up and speaking to a group of people – after all, many of them will have traveled a long way for your big day and they really are on your side – that’s why you invited them, isn’t it?