It’s all in the preparation

One of the great wedding traditions are the speeches and as Father of the Bride you have the honor of speaking first. If you are not used to public speaking then this can be intimidating, but the truth is that most people dread speaking in public – they fear embarrassment in front of a group of people.

However, the good news is that public speaking can be learned and by following the advice here you’ll be able to prepare your Father of the Bride speech so that on the big day you’ll be able to deliver it flawlessly.

Probably the biggest key to successfully delivering your Father of the Bride speech lies in preparing the speech well and practicing it until you have internalized it and can speak it naturally without hesitation – if you have good content and have practiced it well you’ll already feel more confident.

Your speech should be structured around a beginning, a middle and an end, which we’ll look at in more detail, and you should avoid having too much content, but other than that it is your speech and so it is up to you what you put in and how you say it. Check to find out if there is anything the bride and groom would like you to say

Wedding speeches are traditionally given after the meal, but they can be at any time, so it is better to check so you are prepared. Visiting the venue will help you prepare for where you’ll be located and the size of the room, but it also helps if you know how many guests are expected and find out a little about them if possible so you can tailor your speech to them.

Your speech shouldn’t be too long, as you’ll lose the attention of the guests, so you should aim for around 5 minutes. If it falls considerable shorter than this, don’t worry – as long as you say what you need to say and say it well that is the only thing that counts.

Follow the links on the left, which will take you through all the steps required to plan, prepare and perform your Father of the Bride speech perfectly on the day and make your daughter proud. Good luck!