Both anticipated by the guests and dreaded by those involved, wedding speeches remain a tradition that when done well can be a highlight of the wedding party.

The reason for causing so much anxiety is simply that most of us are not used to public speaking but, by taking just a little to time to prepare yourself correctly this is definitely a skill you can hone before the big day. The first key to successfully delivering a wedding speech is deciding the content. Now, some of this may be decided for you, particularly if the wedding is formal and a certain protocol expected from you – if you’re not sure, check up with the bride and groom on this.

The second key is practice; by repeating your wedding speech as many times as you need to make sure it flows off the tongue and is internalized, the easier it will be to speak on the day. When you give the speech try not to worry too much and remember that the guests will all be on your side – they want to be entertained, and it won’t take too much to do.

The Father of the Bride

Traditionally the father of the bride speaks first, in which he offers a heartfelt proposal of happiness and health for his daughter and her new husband – this is the time to show love, admiration, and well wishing for the new couple.
Father of the bride speeches

The Bridegroom

The groom should thank his parents and give thanks to those who brought for gifts. Traditionally this is given on behalf of the bride and groom, although make sure you dedicate part of your speech to your new wife.
Groom speech

The Best Man’s Speech

While many thing of the best man speech as being purely for entertainment and to humiliate the groom, it is usual to thank the bride and groom on behalf of the bridesmaids and yourself. Once the courtesies have been observed, it’s time to provide the guests with a humorous anecdote or two about the groom.
Best man speeches